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Bogan's Run 1.0.0 Released on Google Play

Date: 15 Jan 2017

Bogan's Run has finally been released on Google Play. This means that Android devices can now play the game.

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Izzit 1.0.6 Released

Date: 30 Nov 2016

Create a combined photo meme now! If you have ever wanted to create a side by side photo comparison, or a combined meme using two photos, then Izzit is the tool for you. This release has a couple of performance improvements.

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Budget Buddy 1.0.6 Released

Date: 29 Nov 2016

This release includes two changes.
1) classify your income and expense items as fortnightly or as a once off
2) Ability to send your budgets to an email address is free.

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yo BUBBLE! 1.0.5 Released

Date: 18 Nov 2016

yo BUBBLE! is a fantastic meme creation tool which allows you to add speech bubbles to your photos and guess what? It’s free! Using the speech bubble wizard you can quickly create a meme with a speech bubble containing any text you want. This release supports IOS 10 now. Also bundled with this version are a few performance improvements.

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yo CAP! 1.0.5 Released

Date: 17 Nov 2016

yo CAP! is a meem generation tool which allows you to quickly add text to photos. It also has lots of font packs and templates to use too. This release supports IOS 9 now. Also bundled with this version are a few performance improvements.

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Bumblebee Bounce 1.0.0 Released

Date: 11 May 2016

Help Buzz the Bumblebee bounce his way out of trouble. Bumblebee bounce is a fun and addictive game which will challenge everyone and make you keep playing to get the highest score you can. Collect coins, super jumps, time extensions and shields to last as long as you can. Aimed at all ages, Bumblebee Bounce is seriously fun stuff.

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Aussie Slang Generator 1.0.0 Released

Date: 29 Mar 2016

Learn the Aussie language! Learn how to speak like a true blue Aussie. We had lots of requests from players of Bogan's Run to have the ability to listen to the sayings in the game. So, we created one.

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We are creating a range of apps for mobile devices which will be available for download from both Apple’s and Google’s stores.

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We are working hard at creating a variety of games which we hope will provide alot of enjoyment for everyone.

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